M.V.K group’s massive success in large measure is due to its policy of long term strategic investment in both technological innovations and human resources. This investment has propelled the M.V.K group to the forefront of the rapid changes in infrastructure, technology and the economy by permitting M.V.K group to be ready with the best and most professional solutions to any new challenges. This strategic approach to new ventures has also ensured a synergistic approach to works - enabling the M.V.K group to offer A-Z services to its clients.

M.V.K Enterprises and M.V.K associates has been established by Mr.M.V.Kunhamu, a reputed civil contractor having more than 40 years of experience. Just think about anything, a school building, a shopping mall, a factory, a house, and all the structures that you may want to think of erecting. We at M.V.K can easily carry out your desired construction in the most cost efficient and professional manner with our world-class Construction Management Services.

We are well supported by a team of high professionals who would help in finishing the project in an methodical manner. We ensure that there are no roadblocks in completing your project and we also have an eye for procurement purchase thereby reducing the overall budget. Quality at no stage is compromised by us.

We have handled various construction assignments like

Construction for Multistoried Towers
Construction for Shopping Mall
Construction for Residential Apartment
Construction for Commercial Projects

One of the biggest reasons for our success has been our unique flexible way of functioning which allows us to adapt to the exact nature of any project in a relatively shorter span of time. This flexibility has given us the ability to develop a deeper insight into handling construction projects of various kinds and sizes